Tools for toys


70/365- tool of a trade

My family celebrated Christmas rather late this year due to being spread across the country and working. So I only recently got to play with my new compact workbench that I got. It will be wonderful for leatherwork as much as woodworking; it’s always great to have the proper tools. So my dad and I just spent some time going over the how to’s of dovetails this evening. I really do seem to collect hobbies, and woodworking will be a great addition. I’ve dabbled in the past, but it’s one of those things where the space and tools bring it from tolerable to pleasurable. I’m sure I’ll be picking up more tools in the future.




69/365- beautiful patterns

Sometimes the coolest thing in photography is looking for the shapes and patterns in the most random things. Sure, roses are beautiful, and therefore an obviously photogenic subject. But how do you make it different? How can you take something so familiar and make it more interesting. It’s the attention to detail that can make the difference between and amateur and a pro. That’s obviously a complex subject, but that difference of attention is part of it. What’s the expression? Elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary? I can’t honestly say I think I do so often, but I try where I can 🙂

The good old hockey game


57/365- the good old hockey game

Got caught up working a hockey game this evening (thank god for reminders on my phone!), so between that and a full day of work I don’t have a ton of energy for creativity. This was the game before mine, but I’ve always thought that it can be almost as interesting to watch the bench as it is the game itself, depending on whatever fireworks are happening on and off the ice. Sports photography in general is really something I should venture further into, it’s just hard when I’d much rather be playing! There are some awesome unique challenges in the genre. Maybe a project for the summer 🙂



55/366- Lamb Chop!

Anybody remember this tv show? It was one of my favorites as a kid, we didn’t have cable growing up so I was only subject to a few of the classics. Found her today wandering the farmer’s market, talk about a trip down memory lane! I have a stupidly good memory for songs, and the theme song for the show immediately popped into my head. I know, I am totally dating myself here. But it’s fun to use pictures to bring us back, our memories are the most unique and personal time capsules we have.

Setting hues


52/365- pink skies

Beautful sky for the sunset tonight, even when it’s disgustingly early (almost at the solstice though!). Typically photographers go gaga for sunrise, but me, I’m more of a sunset person; and it has nothing to do with me not being a morning person. I just like the colour range better, and I find twilight and night shots to be fascinating things to take.

What about you? Sunrise or sunset? Or something else altogether?

Fortune favors the bold


51/365- Ursa Minor
Lovely display at my local shopping establishment, there were two other bears in a similar style near by. Sadly, an iPhone is not an adequate way to capture how nice these statues were. And therein lies one of my personal challenges… Being comfortable with the big dslr in crowded spaces where you wouldn’t expect a camera. One thing to be at a landmark with a gazillion other photographers, another entirely to be a solo one off. I know the maxim is that fortune favors the bold, but I struggle with how much the camera draws people’s attention. Even with portrait and lifestyle work, which I do rarely anyway, I really aim to be as invisible as possible. Although in that case it’s an artistic decision to get more relaxed and natural looking shots.

Any tips for the public photographer?

Little Idol


49/365- Little Idol

I’ve had an interest in buddhism for a very long time, thanks in large part to my time in martial arts. But even now as I get older, so much of the ideas just make sense to me. For someone who is highly rational and relies heavily on logic, the idea that we should consider and question everything in our existence is comfortable. I suppose I could say the same of Vulcanism 🙂 But even that interest aside, I’ve always loved art with Asian influences. There is a richness that is unique to Asian artistic culture, and so much of it is complexity through simplicity, which is a wonderful paradigm. So, as a result of all this, I share yet another little token statue I possesses, this time of a Buddha. Not an entirely traditional one, but I still love it. I understand that different positions of the figures mean different things, but I’m really not familiar enough to comment on the meaning (if someone out there knows, I’d be very pleased to find out!). I suppose the important thing is that it’s meaningful to me.

Do you have any idols you like to keep?