Shades of Radical Honesty


I have not forgotten about the blog. Rather the contrary- I’ve thought quite a lot about posting here since the beginning of my disappearance. I’ve continued to take photos, albeit not every day as I would have preferred. I could come up with any number of excuses as to why I haven’t posted, but who am I kidding by making them?

Training sanctum

Training sanctum

The truth is, I’ve had a fairly rough January thus far. I have a pretty extensive history of seasonal emotional shifts, depression, etc, and this year has not been an exception. Sometimes I can fight through it, other times I can’t.



I haven’t posted because I haven’t had the energy, the emotional tolerance, or the ability to handle any vulnerability I might create for myself through writing. Since I started this I promised myself I would be honest when I posted, I would be open with my feelings, let things shine through. I usually keep my cards close to the vest, so this was a big promise to make. My creative streaks are tied very tightly to my emotions, so if I’m feeling crummy and dark, whatever I produce will reflect that. Hard to manage, putting that out in public when you want to just hide from the world.

Alternative art

But I’m going to work on getting back to this. I’ve enjoyed doing this project, far more than I ever expected. Even though I’ve not shared this with very many people I know personally, the little likes and thoughts of the strangers who have found my tiny internet corner have meant quite a lot to me. So, I won’t say I’m going to do this perfectly, because reasons, but I’m going to try to get back on this horse and put myself out there again.

Thanks for listening 🙂





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