Wire lines

72/365- Wire

72/365- Wire

One of the goodies I got for Christmas was a light box (thanks again mom!), so I got to play around with light in a different way than I usually do with the ghetto setup I normally rock. The thing with light boxes though, while you can get nice, even lighting, I find it can often make things look really flat and one-dimensional.  I like it when you can see the complexity and uniqueness of something otherwise ordinary (in this case a pasta strainer). With a potentially flat lighting scheme, this becomes even more important. A bit of careful evaluation, look beyond the mesh of wire, and boom, surreal dome shot created! I’m especially pleased with the selective focus of this shot. It’s all about looking at the lines 🙂

Wire 2

For some reason this shot picked up colour in the mesh, I’m really not sure where it was coming from, but I decided to play with it and amp it a bit in post. I don’t like it as much as the first one, but hey, it’s still kinda cool. Who am I to judge?

Thoughts on the shots?

P.S. Musical soundtrack for editing courtesy of Wood and Wire, by Thrice (hey, I don’t have to be creative all the time, do I?)


One thought on “Wire lines

  1. That kinda looks like chromatic aberration to me, the purple on the edges. Software can get rid of it sometimes, I usually create a layer adjustment in APSE for saturation, dropper the purple and desaturate!

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