Frozen myst

71/365- Cold mist

71/365- Cold mist

Went into Banff today with the family gang. OMGCOLD!! I think it was minus 27 degrees celcius or something like that. Difficult to take pictures in that weather because your hands just ache handling the camera, even with gloves on. But the bonus was that the river was letting off these neat myst tendrils, just from being so much warmer relatively speaking. A bit of careful positioning, taking advantage of the trees, allowed me to actually shoot in to the sun without blowing things out too badly. As surreal as the shot actually looks, I really didn’t do all that much in post processing, just a bit of saturation and contrast adjustment in Nic. I’m not 100% happy with the motion blur, I am not totally tack sharp, but it’s a cool photo and works well.


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