Electric Avenue

19/365- Lights on the drive

19/365- Lights on the drive

While I love spending time in nature, I really value living in the city. Being a night owl, it is really helpful to be able to go out when I’m at my most alert and thoughtful. Not to mention, I get to appreciate the interesting lights of the city 🙂 I’ve been wanting to experiment with light trails for awhile, and even though I didn’t really do a formal set up (I should, because these are cool enough as is), I still think the results are worth something. I think we as humans generally tune out the effects of light, and yet it is so important to our health and lifestyle. Everything from our day to day activities to our mood is influenced by light, and playing around with shots like these is one way to celebrate it.

Electric Avenue 3 Electric Avenue

Do you pay attention to the light in your every day existence? Or is it something that’s merely convenient? Tell me about it 🙂


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