Ice Dancing

Zamboni finishing the last turns on the ice

4/365- Zamboni finishing the last turns on the ice

So as an athletic therapist, I can do I either clinical or field work. Effectively, I can get paid to watch live sports, with some of the best seats in the house. Now, this is hardly the pros (there is a whole debate on whether women can even get jobs in the pros thanks to a wonderful glass ceiling from the old boy’s club, but that’s another story), but it’s still not a bad way to spend your time. Certainly working as a therapist is not a job you do for the glamour, just like a Zamboni driver. Long hours, poor pay, not a lot of credit for what you do. That’s why I really liked being able to capture a bit of the beauty in a job like this, the lovely reflections on a fresh sheet of ice, ready for the next chaotic period to begin.

How do you find beauty in a place you wouldn’t expect? Leave a comment!


Winter is Coming!


3/365- Winter’s triumph over the sunflowers

So we have snow here in the lovely town of Calgary, Alberta. I’m not opposed to snow, I love snowboarding and there is a real beauty in the pristine-ness of a fresh snowfall, or the crystals of ice on a lake. My favourite is icicles in the sunlight. That said, we are not there yet, so it’s just cold, damp and somewhat miserable. Hence the moody shot, winter’s triumph over the sun(flowers) and trees.

Vintage flair



2/365- Vintage Flair from a window display

I know, vintage is, like, sooo hip right now (Cue eye roll). I’m not a hipster by any sense, but I appreciate pieces of vintage. There is a reason vintage things are still around: they used good materials, and represented proper craftsmanship. As someone who likes to create things, especially useful things, the quality and attention to functional details in a lot of vintage stuff speaks to me. No, I’m not saying let’s go back to the 70s or something (I like my technology, thankyouverymuch), but it would be nice to see more things that you might believe have the ability to last in this world.

Getting this party started

Early morning fog at the Vermillion Lakes in Banff National Park October 27, 2013

1/365: Early morning fog at the Vermillion Lakes in Banff National Park

While people get most enthusiastic about setting new goals in January, I’ve always thought that your birthday is the better choice. Hey, what is more of a real start for you than the day you were born? ¬†As such, I’ve made a few different goals/resolutions/plots for world domination (oops, I said that out loud, didn’t I?) that I’m hoping to accomplish this year. A photo 365 is one of them, thus the beginning of this blog. While I’m usually a rather solitary sort, I think sharing this journey could be good for me. So happy birthday to me, welcome and thanks for stopping by to celebrate with me. I hope it’s going to be a good trip.



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